Hi! I'm Alicia Beck
And I want to represent our community as a member of the Champaign  City Council
District 2
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Regular Communication with My District Constituents

Community members deserve regular opportunities to communicate with their elected officials. They also deserve transparency and accountability. As a city council member, I look forward to providing reliable and ample opportunity for constituents to communicate directly with me outside of city council chambers. I will encourage and support measures to grow transparency in governance.

Responsible Neighborhood Development

Champaign is graced with a variety of neighborhoods providing diverse opportunities for housing and business. Our historic districts, newly developed housing opportunities, and our quickly expanding business districts are all fine examples of the good things our community is experiencing. Given the rapid development in our recent history, it is more important than ever to maintain high standards of architecture, building code, environmental impact, and careful consideration of the built environment. 

Creation of Community that Values Diversity

We are lucky to live in a culturally diverse community that gives opportunity to learn and grow together. And as such, we have a responsibility to maintain and grow the inclusive nature of our city. I look forward to strengthening the services provided by our municipality to support our citizens and their diverse needs.

Responsible Budgeting that Places Citizens at the Center

Citizens place public dollars in the hands of their municipalities, trusting that they will always be used to best advance the community for all members. I am dedicated to continuing a record of citizen centered budgeting. I will be a diligent steward of the dollars entrusted to those in leadership.

Support of safety initiatives with community involvement

At the center of the needs of any community are health and safety. Recently issues of public safety have been front and center in public discourse. I am dedicated to maintaining a community that places the safety and welfare of all citizens at the center of services and initiatives.